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Teacher Mentor

“They should make it mandatory for starting teachers to take lessons from Benson Advocates. They can teach you to reach children, make them believe in themselves and make them produce. Thank you for making my job a little easier." J. R.

"Benson Advocates has given me many ideas about how to modify my lessons in order to individualize the material. They are informed on the latest teaching trends and uses them directly in the classroom." P. F.

"I am thrilled to have someone of your ability and competence work with our staff."

K. J.

"Benson Advocates makes the learning environment better for everyone." J. M.

"You guided me with thoughtfulness and care, teaching me an understanding of people, that can only be taught by one who truly cares about the well-being of others." G. D.

"Your students will learn twice as much as other classes." R. M.

"I have learned much about teaching and interacting with special needs students in one year working with Benson Advocates than I did in my previous 9 years of teaching." C. E.

Special Education Advocate

"They are tireless advocates for children." P. R.

" High expectations for the success of each student has always been their priority." C. C.

"In the IEP meeting I was told you are the best; that statement/complement is really true." A. W.

"Benson Advocates is a great advocate for students. They are committed to obtaining all the necessary services and technology that are needed for each. They always have the courage and conviction to speak on their behalf." M. H.

"They work with others to resolve problems so the student has the opportunity to be successful." L. W.

Tutoring and Test Prep

"Benson Advocates has been very helpful with both of my children. They can explain math concepts so the children can understand them." G. W.

"I didn't really care about English, but you believed in me and encouraged me to write poetry. I even entered a writing contest. Writing became as much fun as it was riding my bike." K. B.

"They focus on individual strengths to reach the weaknesses. That kind of emphasis helps to foster self-esteem in each student." M. H.

"Their secret is a combination of diagnostic skills, a positive optimistic attitude and a way of interacting with a student that promotes an 'I can do it' spirit." M. F.

"Treats each student being tutored as their own." L. P.

"My son attended an 8 week class for ACT Prep. He did not increase his score at all. Then my son attended private tutoring with Benson Advocates. My son increased 4 cumulative points on the ACT. He went from a 28 to a 32. He even scored a 35 on his Reading subtest. His score of 32 qualified him for a scholarship." A. S.

"My daughter wanted to become a nurse. She scored 18 on the ACT. After working with Benson Advocates, She scored 23 on the ACT. My daughter was able to be admitted into a pharmacy program." M. C.

My eighth grade daughter went from 48% in Math on Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) MAP test to 79% in 8 weeks! 

Now she qualifies for all of the high school's International Baccalaureate Programs. She is super happy! J. C.

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