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Recommended Resources

When you are looking for help, check out Wrightslaw and ADDitude Magazine, both on line.

Wrightslaw will help you understand how to advocate for your child on a daily basis. They have a Yellow Pages of professionals that you can hire to help navigate the Special Education maze. You will see Benson Advocates Inc. listed.

ADDitude Magazine can assist with parenting ideas and suggestions for adults with ADHD - inattentive or hyperactive. They also have an area where you can ask a question of the group and get an answer from those who are also in the community. From what I have read, the suggestions are very good.

The Learning Disabilities Association of America is looking for proposals for their conference for their conference next year in Baltimore. They are an excellent resource for parents and educators.

All About Attention Deficit Disorder is an excellent book by Thomas Phelan PhD. You can find it online as a used book.

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