Benson Advocates Inc. - Together we achieve educational success.
Benson Advocates can help you find everything you need for becoming an educational success. We are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction.  We will help teachers become outstanding educators and students become successful by reaching their potential. 
Principals:  We can provide mentoring for teachers
                 * give inservice presentations on innovative techniques
                 * demonstrate classroom incentives for success
Teachers:  We can teach you new techniques to inspire successful learners
                 *offer recording/evaluation of your classroom instruction
                 *assist in setting up a successful classroom
Parents:    We can teach your preschooler to read                 
                 *increase your child's reading and math understanding
                 *attend Special Education meetings as your advocate
                 *work with the school to plan a successful educational experience
                 *interpret IEP's and 504 plans so your child is successful
                 *translate math into English
                 *give your student a formula for a successful essay
                 *increase your student's success on standardized testing
                 *give you successful parenting strategies 
                 *increase your child's confidence on college exams           
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